5 Plants for a Healthy Home

Most of use are embracing house plants. They add beautiful colour, texture and life to your home. 
However if you're not of the green fingered variety it can be difficult to keep them alive. Believe me, I know! 

So here's 5 house plants that are easy to keep and will help create a healthy home. 

Peace Lily

 Peace Lilies are a beautiful plant. The white flowers add a sense of softness. Peace lilies can be both indoor and outdoor plants but they thrive indoors. Pop the pot in a dark corner and water once a week and it will purify the air.#

Peace Lily House plants for healthy home

Photo: Marks & Spencer


Snake Plant

A snake plant is such an easy plant to keep alive. The main point is to not over water. This evergreen plant absorbs toxins from your home. While it enjoys bright light, it can also endure low light positions. 

Snake Plant plants for a healthy home

Photo: Rhonda Fleming Hayes 



I think a lot of us will have English Ivy somewhere in our gardens but it makes a great house plant. Ivy cleanses the air and helps reduce mould. Keep it alive with medium light and water well. 

English Ivy plants for a healthy home

Photo: Nursery Live

 Aloe Vera

We know the well known healing properties of aloe vera. Its' gel is soothing to sunburn but it also clears pollutants from the air. Aloe vera loves light. If you water once every three weeks it should flourish. 

Aloe vera house plants for a healthy home

Photo: gardens4you 


Spider Plant

Possibly the easiest house plant to keep alive. Even I have kept one of these alive! And I manage to kill off most house plants. Water once a week and it will help fight pollutants in your home. 

 Spider Plant

Photo: Gardens4you

Happy house gardening! 

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