Date Night Ideas

I'm not a one for Valentine's Day. I can't bare sitting in restaurants, with rushed food, overpriced menus and the idea of feeling obliged to appear romantic! However I think it's nice to spend time with the Other Half. So if like me a fancy dinner date with 50,000 other couples is your idea or hell or your budget doesn't stretch that far, here's some alternative ideas. 

Date Night Ideas


For a more relaxed date, try going out for brunch rather than dinner. And if can manage it have a sneaky lie-in beforehand. 

Night In

If you want to avoid the throngs of people piling into restaurants on Valentine's night, have a night in. Order a takeaway, snuggle up on the sofa and watch your favourite movie (or at least one you can both agree on!). 

Go to a Carnival

Go somewhere fun together like a carnival or amusements. Eat donuts, play games and have fun! 

Games Night

If you both enjoy double dates invite some other couples around. Get out the board games, a few bottles or wine and team up with your partner against the other couples. Just remember who your team mate is and only fight it out with your opponents! 

Take a Road Trip 

If you don't have the opportunity to take a cross country road trip, take a local one. Bring a flask of tea and chocolates. Find a scenic spot to stop and enjoy a cuppa and a chat. 

Enjoy this time of year with your other half, friends or take yourself on a date! 

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