DIY Painting Radiators

When we first started planning the cottage renovation our mood board was full of cast iron radiators with beautiful details, in sultry colours. Our budget soon brought that to halt! We opted for basic white radiators. And they were graannnddd. 
We moved in to our cottage in October 2016. So in July of this year I was in two minds whether to take the risk of painting them, as the were still in good nick. But then I thought " What's the worst that can happen?! " 

The Painting Process

The Offending Article

I cleaned down the radiators with a damp cloth and dried them.

DIY Painted Radiators

Paint Preference

I wanted the rads in a sleek black finish. I wanted a colour that didn't determine the colour palette and was easy to keep. The most recommended paint was Valspar. This was my planned paint. However when I told himself I planning to paint the radiators, he had another idea. He disappered to the shed and returned with a half full tin of paint. So again I thought " What's the worst that can happen?! " (This is generally how I navigate through life)

DIY Painted radiators

All In

I did reconsider painting them. What if they looked terrible? What if I made a mess of them? I was already planning what rad covers I'd choose to hide them. Before I could talk myself out if it I slapped on the first coat of paint! I used a paint brush. The brush was perfect to apply paint in the vent areas and the little awkward places. However I would recommend using a suitable roller for the overall surface for a better finish.

DIY Painted Radiators

In For Penny...

After applying the first coat, I went on to start the bathroom radiator and the bedroom radiator. By the time I cleaned each rad and applied the first coat it was time to paint on second coat. And that was it! It was a quick and easy job that has totally transformed the ugly, stark rads. 

DIY Painted Radiators

And Over 2 Months Later

They are still perfect! We have had the heating on quite a lot lately (Irish Autumn is definitely here!). There are no signs of bubbling, cracking or peeling.

DIY Painted Radiators DIY Painted Radiators

Bathroom radiator - Before & After


DIY Painted Radiators


Let us know if you've painted your radiators and what was the result? Or are you thinking of painting your rads? If you have any questions let us know in the comments.

Happy Painting



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