I'm a Boss, bit*h! with Joanne Mooney

We're starting a new blog series on Rees & Hunt, I'm a Boss, bit*h! As a female business owner, I want to champion all the wonderful women in Ireland, who are bossing the business world. It's not about being a Boss Bit*ch, it's about being a Boss.
When I was brain storming who I could feature in this series Joanne Mooney was one of the first people I thought of. 
Joanne is the crafty fox behind Tiny Things
Joanne Mooney Tiny Things 
Joanne's work is all hand painted on canvas, wooden plaques (and soon fabric) which can all be personalised. While Joanne's work is fun, colourful and quirky, she's always working on and investing in her business. Lately Joanne has given her website a complete overhaul...again! You can see it here.
tiny things
We like to talk. Like A LOT! So I narrowed it down to 7 questions (and obviously a needless game of 'Would you rather?')

Why and when did you begin Tiny Things?

I started Tinythings about 13 years ago. When my first daughter was born.  I was looking for Personalised artwork with her birth details on it. I couldn’t find  anything I liked so I painted  a picture for her. 
A lot of my friends were having babies at the time so I was giving my artwork as presents. Then the orders were coming in. I started doing craft fairs and in 2010 I set up a business page on Facebook and the following year the website . My first website was very basic. My Current website is my third and my favorite. I invested all my earnings from craft fairs etc..to create the website I have now. 


What’s a typical working day?

A typical working day for me starts at 8:30. I usually print off my orders & do my emails in the morning. My husband also does a lot of my emails & admin. 
I usually paint from 9-3 then I have to collect my children from school.
I usually go back into the workroom for a few hours in the evening time. I work every day. 

How do you keep motivated?

How busy my business is keeps me motivated! Sounds weird but when I worked in the HSE (my old job) I dreamed of someday owning my own craft business. I’m so much happier now and I remind myself how lucky I am to be my own boss & work from home. Set my own hours and days off. It is such hard work but so worth it. 

What’s your proudest moment?

My proudest moment is resigning from  my old job! That took balls! Everyone thought I was mad! But I’m so happy I did it now. 

What’s the most challenging thing about running your own business?

I find the most challenging thing about running my own business is switching off and trying to find a happy balance. I tend to just work all the time. Although I work every day of the week. I started  to take a half day once or twice a week. (Days  off I’m usually painting my gaff 😂) 
I also miss the banter in working with other people. Sometimes it’s lonely working by myself at home. 

Have you mastered a good work/life balance?

Lol just read this question ! Think I answered it in my last question 😂😂 I struggle to find a work/life balance because I’m so driven! My mind is always racing!  what can I make next ! I’m currently working on new products specifically for your home, soft furnishings and my mind is on overdrive at the minute..it’s an infliction 😂😍😂😍😤

What’s your ultimate piece of advice for anyone starting their own business?

My advice to anyone starting out is have a good unique product..start small. Don’t jump in spend loads of money Setting  up a website. Use Facebook/Instagram first. See if there’s interest in your products. 
We have social media now which I think I is the best marketing tool for any business. Oh and take good quality photos of your work ..

And because who doesn’t love a game of ‘Would you rather…’?

Water or wine? Wine

Book or movie? Movie

Heels or flats? Flats

Fairy lights or festoon lights? Fairy lights

Furniture or fashion? Furniture

Pom poms or fringing? Pom poms

Tiny things

Thanks to Joanne for taking part in I'm a Boss, bit*h and for divulging some info on life as a business owner. And for choosing pom poms. The answer is always pom poms! 

Find Tiny Things on Instagram, Facebook and the website

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