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Back in January we talked about trends for 2018. One of the key trends we talked about was Monochrome. While Monochrome interiors is a classic style, it's now being updated with a contemporary twist. 

We've seen a resurgence due to the popularity of Scandi interiors, cool gender neutral nurseries and our love of grey. 

Steps for Monochrome Magic

50 Shades of Grey

To create a monochrome interior use various tones of grey between black and white to create depth and tonal contrast. 

 Coco Lapine Grey Bedroom

Photo: Coco Lapine Design / Anu Tammiste

Not Just Black & White

Sometimes we think monochrome can make our homes feel cold. Medina from Grillo Designs proves that's not the case. Warm up your monochrome interior with woods. The texture and tone of timber will give instant warmth and cosiness.

monochrome interiors grillo designs

Photo: Grillo Designs



It's vital to layer textures with every interior, not just monochrome. Make sure your room has at least one of each of these: rough, smooth, hard, soft, shiny and matte. This will create visual and tactile textures and form a design balance. 
Monochrome Interiors
Photo: My Domaine

Pop of Colour

 A monochrome design doesn't mean you have to forgo all colour. Having a monochrome base allows you to keep a blank canvas and use colour in your occasional furniture or accessories. Theresa Gromski's Instagram account is full of monochrome beauty teamed with accent colours. 

Theresa Gromski

Photo: theresagromski

 Monochrome Instagram Interiors 

Whet your appetite with these inspirational Instagrammers, who show us how monochrome should be done! 




malmo and moss 

malmo and moss


Theresa Gromski Monochrome Instagram

Theresa Gromski Monochrome Instagram



vintagecuratorinteriors instagram monochrome

vintagecuratorinteriors instagram monochrome


Vintage Skye Instagram

Vintage Skye Insta


Sixat21 instagram monochrome 

Sixat21 instagram monochrome


Grillo Designs Instagram Monochrome

Grillo Designs Instagram Monochrome



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