Styling Your Bathroom in 5 Simple Steps

Bathrooms are a room that can often get overlooked. For most of us a full remodel is completely out of the question. But you can revamp your bathroom with some easy, peasy styling tips. 


Ok, it's not technically a styling tip but giving your bathroom a fresh coat of paint will instantly give it a new lease of life and the perfect canvas for all your styling.

 New Towels

Towels are usually one of the few soft textures we have in our bathrooms. So what better way to inject some colour or pattern with new towels. If you're channelling spa vibes treat yourself to some fluffy, white towels. (And then never allow anyone to use them, like me!) 

Rees & Hunt Interiors Bathroom Styling


Storage is probably the most important aspect of styling your bathroom. If your bathroom has been invaded by rogue shampoo bottles, soaps, razors and loo rolls invest in some storage. 

Wall Art

This may seem like a strange way to style your bathroom but the chances are you've adorned the walls of every other room with wall art. Invest in some prints to bring in some colour, pattern and interest. 


Plants not only have great health benefits but they give your bathroom an instant burst of colour, texture and life. Most likely all the surfaces in your bathroom will be hard, shiny surfaces so plants with create a softness to the space. 
Rees & Hunt Interiors Bathroom Styling



If you're looking for even more bathroom inspiration check out our Pinterest Bathroom Board

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