Top Interior Trends for 2019

We constantly have our eyes peeled for the next big trend. It's all part of our job! So we've done the research and compiled a list of what's hot for your home next year. 

2019's Biggest Interior Trends

Subtle Colour Combos

2019 will see the comeback of apricot and peach tones. Let there be no panic! They won't be 80's style. Phew! They will be subtle pastel shades along with colours such as sage green, oatmeal, stonewash blue and pale gold. 

Peac Sofa

Image: Binti Home

Natural Materials

We've slowly seen a decline in painted furniture and while it still very much has its place in our homes we are again embracing timber in its' natural state. We'll also continue to see more natural stone in flooring and accessories. 

Top Interior Trends 2019 Stone Floor

Image: UW Vloer

Statement Sinks

Where there's the budget we're going to see a lot more statement sinks. Think gold, brass, painted ceramic, patterned metals.

2019 interior trends statement sink

Image: Restart


Thankfully we've been adding loads of plants to our interiors over the last few years. And the plant trend is set to continue. However rather than using baskets to house our leafy friends we will be homing them in terracotta and carved stone pots. 

2019 Top Interior Trends Stone Pot

Upholstered Headboards

We've tried the trendy palette headboards, the student chic no headboards, even the wall hanging headboard but we've missed our comfort. 2019 is all about bringing comfort and cosiness back to our homes so we are going to see more upholstered headboards. 

Upholstered Headbaord

Sustainable Fabrics

We are becoming more and more conscious of the negative effect we are having on the environment and its' cute inhabitants. 2019 will bring about the trends of animal free leathers and worm free silks. Hallelujah! 

Vegan Leather Sofa

Image: Urban Outfitters

For more inspiration head over to our Pinterest 2019 Trends board. 

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  • Hi Ciara, great list of interior decor trends for this year. Natural decor and eco-friendly decor are definitely growing popularity. I’ve also noticed that matte black and coral are popular colours for 2019.

    Kristall Spaces

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