Wabi-Sabi. The New Hygge

For the past few years we've fully embraced the Scandi style interior trend and the lifestyle ways for Hygge and Lagom. But now there's a new lifestyle trend taking over the Western world. 


When I say new, I mean new to the majority of us. Wabi-Sabi is rooted in Buddhism. It's about changing your mindset and showing love and gratitude for what you already have. 

In a world where we live on Instagram and Pinterest, we tend to constantly compare ourselves and our lives with those we follow. The funny thing is we're often comparing ourselves to complete strangers. We all like to put our best foot forward but it's important to remember none of us (or our homes) are perfect. 

Wabi Sabi definition

Wabi-Sabi Characteristics  


Appreciate the journey of your home. For instance, that leather sofa you've had for the last decade. Find the joy in every wrinkle that has been created and remember the fond memories the sofa holds. It's about respecting the ageing process of your home. 

Wabi Sabi

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If you're not a fan of matchy-matchy interiors and perfectly balanced interiors you're already half way there. If not, start to embrace the beauty of asymmetry. And remember the golden rule of design is odd. The Rule of Thirds. Everything should be in triangles and thirds to be most pleasing to the eye.


This is the basis for everything Wabi-Sabi. That's where the beauty lies. Nothing is perfect and everything ages in time. Everything cracks, chips and wrinkles at some point. A fantastic way to portray the beauty of the imperfect is the art of Kintsukuroi.

Kintsukuroi Wabi Sabi

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How to Embrace Wabi-Sabi at Home

Bare Faced

To create a wabi-sabi feeling at home forget about perfect finishes. It's all about raw plaster walls, concrete floors and unpolished wooden floors. Warm it up with beautiful layers of rugs and simple wall hangings. 

Wabi-Sabi Walls

 Photo: Turbulences Deco


Wabi-Sabi is about embracing the imperfect and the appreciation of the process of handmade treasures. The perfect way to accomplish this is to invest in some handmade ceramic cups, bowls and plates. What better way to enjoy handmade items then when you're sitting down to a home cooked meal. 

Mix & Match

No wait! Don't match! Start collecting cute cups to have your tea or coffee in. Choose anything that appeals to you because of its' shape, colour or pattern. Curate a beautiful collection of cutlery. Just because you love them! Start scouring charity shops for beautiful, random treasures. 

Wabi Sabi

Photo: Town & Country Mag


Most of us see trends as fads that come and go. Some we get on board with. Some we're happy to see sailing on by. But I think trends like Hygge, Lagom and Wabi-Sabi can only do us good! 

 If you're in search of more Wabi-Sabi inspiration head over to our dedicated Pinterest board

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